Conventional transport systems

tailor-made solutions

AMOVA offers tailor-made transport solutions for every requirement – also for the expansion or modernization of your plants.


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By linking various transport technologies, we realize integrated logistics concepts – from planning through engineering to implementation, including complete automation engineering. AMOVA supplies transport systems for coils, sheet stacks and metal slabs – for material weights of up to 50 tons and cycle times of under 60 seconds. Our customers profit from the high reliability and quality of our products, which are the result of continuous research and development work.

Advantages and Features

Roller-conveyor systems for pallet circulation

Car circulation systems

Walking-beam and chain conveyors

Lifting and turning tables

Cradle roller stations

Coil transfer and lifting

Conventional transport systems in use

Cantilever store for litho coils
48 x 9.2 x 4.2 m
Store dimensions (L x W x H)
4 coils/h
Coil input / 24 h
8 coils/h
Coil output / 12 h
Coil packaging line
45 tons
Max. coil weight
2.5 m
Max. coil diameter
1,100,000 tons/year
Packaging capacity
Inspection line / Conversion project
1 - 12.7 mm
Strip thickness (crop and sample cut)
1 - 12.7 mm
Strip thickness (inspection table)
max. 45,000 Nm
Fully plastic bending moment
Modernization of coil conveying system
1,200 tons
Weight of equipment supplied
1,100 m²
Covers including substructure
14 days
Conversion time


Inspection lines

Material quality plays an increasingly important role in production. With AMOVA inspection lines, you can quickly track down surface defects.

Pallet conveying systems

AMOVA pallet conveying systems can be used to transport hot-strip coils reaching temperatures of up to 850 °C at a travel speed of 0.5 m/s.

Flat storage systems

We are experts in the field of storage technology. This also includes crane- or vehicle-operated flat stores. AMOVA has the perfect solution for your requirements.

High-bay storage systems

AMOVA develops highly efficient, turnkey storage solutions including transport and control equipment and warehouse management systems.

Warehouse Management Systems (WMS)

With its extensive range of functions, the WMS is an attractive, reliable solution for automated material flow control and warehouse management.

High-speed cars

If speed is what you need, high-speed cars by AMOVA are the optimum solution. The cars take your products from A to B fast and efficiently.