High-bay storage systems

Safe and efficient Storage

AMOVA develops highly efficient, turnkey storage solutions including transport and control equipment and warehouse management systems.


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AMOVA supplies automated high-bay storage systems for heavy loads of up to 50 tons in weight – coils, sheet stacks, slabs, long material as well as other heavy or bulky goods. Numerous references from all over the world testify to our decades of experience in this field. We hold the record for the world‘s largest high-bay store for steel coils, which has not less than 4,300 storage locations.

Our storage systems provide a maximum of efficiency and guarantee optimized dwell and throughput times, protection against material damage, cost-savings in administration and processing, and easy handling and operation.

Advantages and Features

Single payloads

Product weights up to 50 tons

Direct access

to every single product

Fast operation

Travel speed up to 3.3 m/sec, hoisting speed up to 0.6 m/sec


Efficient and economical thanks to energy recovery, 690-Volt technology and optimized operating mode


Additional cooling strategies for hot or warm material in the store, using special ventilation systems

No material damage

Safe and gentle handling of products

High-bay storage systems in use

Automatic Coil Transporters (A.C.T.®)
32 t
Max. coil weight
2,800 mm
Max. coil diameter
1 m/s
Max. travel speed
High-bay store for aluminium coils
26.5 tons
Coil weight
207 x 8.2 x 23.8 m
Store dimensions (L x W x H)
504 coils
Storage capacity
High-bay store for 1,382 coils
32 tons
Coil weight
293 x 21 x 31 m
Store dimensions (L x W x H)
1,382 coils
Storage capacity


Pallet conveying systems

AMOVA pallet conveying systems can be used to transport hot-strip coils reaching temperatures of up to 850 °C at a travel speed of 0.5 m/s.

Automatic Coil Transporters (A.C.T.®)

AMOVA’s A.C.T.® guarantees careful coil handling combined with high throughput.

Flat storage systems

We are experts in the field of storage technology. This also includes crane- or vehicle-operated flat stores. AMOVA has the perfect solution for your requirements.

High-speed cars

If speed is what you need, high-speed cars by AMOVA are the optimum solution. The cars take your products from A to B fast and efficiently.

Conventional transport systems

AMOVA offers tailor-made transport solutions for every requirement – also for the expansion or modernization of your plants.

Warehouse Management Systems (WMS)

With its extensive range of functions, the WMS is an attractive, reliable solution for automated material flow control and warehouse management.