Flat storage systems

Smooth material flow

We are experts in the field of storage technology. This also includes crane- or vehicle-operated flat stores. AMOVA has the perfect solution for your requirements.


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We develop individual storage strategies for your particular application and highly efficient concepts even for difficult surroundings and restricted conditions. Our extensive range of customer-specific transport equipment, including AGVs, lift truck systems, and chain and pallet conveyors, ensure a smooth and continuous flow of material and connect the store with production facilities upstream and downstream. Your products are safely transported without sustaining damage.

As a full-service supplier, AMOVA also offers fully integrated systems including conveyor equipment complete with automation and warehouse management system. Our spectrum of products and services extends from initial planning to installation and system startup – we assist you in every phase of your project.

Advantages and Features

From one source

We plan and deliver the entire storage and transport equipment

Overall storage concepts

Ideal to combine with pallet conveyor systems

Optimized storage strategies

even for multilayer storage

Flat storage systems in use

Cantilever store for litho coils
48 x 9.2 x 4.2 m
Store dimensions (L x W x H)
4 coils/h
Coil input / 24 h
8 coils/h
Coil output / 12 h


Automatic Coil Transporters (A.C.T.®)

AMOVA’s A.C.T.® guarantees careful coil handling combined with high throughput.

Pallet conveying systems

AMOVA pallet conveying systems can be used to transport hot-strip coils reaching temperatures of up to 850 °C at a travel speed of 0.5 m/s.

High-speed cars

If speed is what you need, high-speed cars by AMOVA are the optimum solution. The cars take your products from A to B fast and efficiently.

High-bay storage systems

AMOVA develops highly efficient, turnkey storage solutions including transport and control equipment and warehouse management systems.

Warehouse Management Systems (WMS)

With its extensive range of functions, the WMS is an attractive, reliable solution for automated material flow control and warehouse management.

Coil packaging lines

AMOVA packaging systems provide you with significant added value – your products are protected from damage and environmental influences.