High-speed cars

Fast and efficient

If speed is what you need, high-speed cars by AMOVA are the optimum solution. The cars take your products from A to B fast and efficiently.

Hold and pull

High-speed cars (HSC) by AMOVA make a valuable contribution to reliable and careful coil transport in steel and aluminium works. They shift material weighing up to 40 tons at driving speeds of up to 300 m/min. The cars are fitted with satellite dollies and telescope units that lift, lower or move the coil sideways, as required, and so save having to use cranes or stacker trucks. This enables transport to be decoupled from all other process stages and flexibility to be extremely enhanced.

Advantages and Features

Autonomous loading and unloading of coils

More storage space available, as the HSC can also place coils beyond the crane hook approach

The HSC can move to any number of positions

Thanks to the telescopic table specially developed by AMOVA, coils can also be loaded on simple coil rests.

High-speed cars in use

High-bay store for aluminium coils
26.5 tons
Coil weight
207 x 8.2 x 23.8 m
Store dimensions (L x W x H)
504 coils
Storage capacity


High-bay storage systems

AMOVA develops highly efficient, turnkey storage solutions including transport and control equipment and warehouse management systems.

Automatic Coil Transporters (A.C.T.®)

AMOVA’s A.C.T.® guarantees careful coil handling combined with high throughput.

Pallet conveying systems

AMOVA pallet conveying systems can be used to transport hot-strip coils reaching temperatures of up to 850 °C at a travel speed of 0.5 m/s.