Coil packaging lines

Additional value through packaging

AMOVA packaging systems provide you with significant added value – your products are protected from damage and environmental influences.


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Whether it is hot- or cold-rolled strip, whether galvanised or painted, packaging methods differ according to material, shipment method and destination. What matters most is the careful transport of the coils to avoid damage and thus loss of value. We plan tailor-made systems for you. Depending on the desired level of automation, semi-automatic or fully automatic packaging modules are used and integrated into the transport systems.

All packaging modules from a single source

Stretch-foil wrapping systems – Paper / cardboard / hardboard wrapping systems – Machines for the preparation of components for steel-plate sheathing – Feed systems for edge protectors for coil eye and circumference – Magazines and feed systems for pallets and covers – Strapping machines for circumference and eye strapping – Weighing systems – Marking and labelling systems – Robot solutions

The complete automation of the packaging lines including visualization is just as much a part of our service range as the connection of the line control to our customers’ manufacturing control systems and production processes. Of course, we also offer supporting service via remote maintenance.

Advantages and Features

Modular system

individual solutions for every requirement


For coil diameters up to 2,500 mm, widths up to 2,400 mm and weights up to 35 tons


up to 20 coils per hour, depending on the degree of automation

No material damage

Extremely gentle coil handling

Customized design

Use of various packaging machines depending on packaging requirements, cycle time and desired degree of automation


of the packaging systems into the overall logistics of your plant


subsequent upgrades and extensions possible at any time

Coil packaging lines in use

Cantilever store for litho coils
48 x 9.2 x 4.2 m
Store dimensions (L x W x H)
4 coils/h
Coil input / 24 h
8 coils/h
Coil output / 12 h
Packaging line for litho coils
10.8 tons
Max. coil weight
8 packs/h
1.850 & 1.700 mm
Max. coil diameter & coil width
Coil packaging line
45 tons
Max. coil weight
2.5 m
Max. coil diameter
1,100,000 tons/year
Packaging capacity


Marking and labelling systems

AMOVA's marking and labelling systems, especially as robot solutions, can be easily integrated into production systems and process lines.

Pallet conveying systems

AMOVA pallet conveying systems can be used to transport hot-strip coils reaching temperatures of up to 850 °C at a travel speed of 0.5 m/s.

Sheet metal packaging lines

Heavy weights and large material dimensions are no problem for us. We pack your products safely for further transport.

Slit-coil packaging lines

AMOVA takes care of the gentle and secure packaging of your slit coils. Individually or in packages – stacking heights of 1,500 mm are no problem for us.