Modernization of coil transport system at APERAM STAINLESS EUROPE successfully completed

APERAM STAINLESS EUROPE, a global player in stainless, electrical and specialty steel, has awarded AMOVA the acceptance for the modernization of the coil transport system for its plant in Châtelet, Belgium. Here, AMOVA has replaced the existing chain conveyor system with a pallet conveyor system that transports the coils of technically demanding stainless steel grades with horizontal axis from the coiler to the storage places. The new conveyor system ensures extremely gentle coil handling, improves the coil quality and is designed to prevent damage to the strip edges as well as the high-strength steel strips from springing open during transport.

The existing transport system supplied by AMOVA in 1975 with chain conveyor, tilting device and walking beam was completely dismantled within just three weeks and replaced by a pallet conveying system which, thanks to its flexible, modular design, perfectly meets the logistical requirements and integrates further processes such as an inspection line, two fully automatic strapping machines and two marking robots into the transport line. The system layout, which was developed together with the team from APERAM STAINLESS EUROPE, also provides for coil circulation between the storage areas. The compact design of the transport system required minimal foundation work and facilitates future maintenance operations.

Geert Verbeeck, CEO of APERAM STAINLESS EUROPE, expresses his compliments: "AMOVA has implemented the project extremely competently, fast and smoothly. The new coil transport system with fully automatic coil strapping and marking has significantly improved our production processes, the system works highly efficiently and gently and ensures that we can supply our customers with even higher quality products."

The project included a complete redesign of the conveyor system, integration of smart new technologies, modification of control systems and implementation of new safety features. "It was an exciting challenge that our team was naturally well prepared for," says Bernd Klein, CEO of AMOVA. "We are happy to have been able to deliver a fully integrated solution that will optimize the material flow process, reduce errors and increase overall productivity.”