LOTTE Aluminium orders high-bay warehouse for aluminium cathode foils

As part of its strategic expansion plans, LOTTE Aluminium Materials USA LLC is investing in a new plant for the production of aluminium cathode foils in the US state of Kentucky. A core area of the overall plant is the logistics and storage system, for which LOTTE relies on AMOVA's innovative strength and know-how. AMOVA was entrusted with the supply of an intelligent, fully automated high-bay warehouse including a transport system. The high-bay warehouse with around 500 storage locations is connected to the various process lines by appropriate conveyor technology and will be equipped with AMOVA’s inhouse-developed warehouse management software.

The LOTTE Group is one of the largest conglomerates in South Korea and employs more than 80,000 people in over 90 business units worldwide. The group's highly diversified product portfolio includes aluminium foils, printed packaging materials, corrugated boxes, as well as chemical base materials and advanced materials such as polymers, monomers and petrochemical base materials.

The Group's target is to produce 36,000 tons of cathode foils annually in response to a strong increase in demand. Aluminum cathode foils are used, for example, in the production of lithium-ion batteries for electric cars. The new high-bay warehouse will store coils on paper and steel spools as well as separator racks.

Since LOTTE's products are very thin-rolled, sensitive coils, AMOVA was faced with the challenge of developing a system that was as flexible and gentle on the material as possible. In addition, the US-specific regulations and laws had to be taken into account when planning the system. Last but not least, an important point in awarding the contract was that AMOVA, in addition to a large number of references all over the world, also has a fully automated and intelligently controlled high-bay warehouse system in the US state of Kentucky as a successful reference.

Thanks to decades of experience and expertise in the field of high-bay warehousing, AMOVA succeeded in working with the customer to develop an optimal solution tailored to his needs. With the cantilever system that is now being implemented, AMOVA can make all products available for the next process step without any damage.

Just like AMOVA, LOTTE puts great emphasis on digitalization. Therefore, the warehouse management software developed by AMOVA rounds off the overall package. This software is a core component of AMOVA's high-bay warehouses and is constantly updated and optimized to ensure end-to-end material tracking and user-friendly visualization.

Commissioning of the system is scheduled for the end of 2024. We are proud to be involved in this project and thus lay the foundation for a sustainable and friendly partnership with the LOTTE Group.