Assan Alüminyum orders transport and high-bay storage system

Assan Alüminyum, one of the world's leading manufacturers in the flat rolled aluminium sector, is expanding its production capacity at the Dilovası / Kocaeli site in the Turkish Marmara region with a new fine rolling mill and a slitting line. For connecting these facilities to the existing production area, AMOVA will supply an intelligent transport and high-bay storage system.

The high technical requirements of this project already became apparent during the planning phase. Due to the expansion in the facility and the resulting limited space, the main focus was the compactness of the storage area. In the cantilever warehouse developed together with the customer, aluminium coils weighing up to 12.9 tons will be stored in eleven levels, 33 columns and two rows of racks in the future. This even exceeds the required storage capacity.

The material from the new fine rolling mill, which has a thickness of up to 0.04 mm, is extremely sensitive. The transport and lifting system planned by AMOVA ensures that the coils are handled exclusively at the spool and are thus made available for the subsequent process steps without any material damage. A pallet specially developed for this application is also available for safe storage and retrieval of the coils.

Due to the high earthquake load in the region, the approximately 27-meter-high storage system puts high standards on the design of the steel structure. In close exchange with the structural experts from Assan Alüminyum, AMOVA made sure that all local requirements were taken into account. The stacker crane with a lifting speed of 30 m/min ensures that the fully automatic high-bay warehouse can easily meet the required high throughput. The package is rounded off with AMOVA's in-house developed warehouse management software, the core of all AMOVA high-bay storage systems. This software provides exact material tracking and user-friendly visualisation of all processes.

For future expansions, it is possible to complement the warehouse as well as the transport systems on a modular basis at any time. With this technically demanding project, AMOVA is laying the foundation for a successful partnership with Assan Alüminyum.