Sebastian Hüpper gets things moving

Sebastian is integrated into a team in our engineering department and is involved in various projects. He draws components and individual parts in 3D and 2D technology, from which machines and plants are created.

„The fact that you create something new virtually out of nothing makes this apprenticeship particularly exciting.“

How did you get started at AMOVA?

I felt warmly received by the team from day one. The first two years of my apprenticeship I completed in the technical training centre of our parent company SMS group. Together with other trainees, you learn the complete basics of technical drafting and design, which you will need for your future work. Regular courses were held in which I acquired important basic technical knowledge, for example about welding or turning. The subsequent practical phase in the engineering department at AMOVA, however, takes up the largest part of the apprenticeship, because there you are directly involved in real projects. This not only increases motivation, but also leads to an even better technical understanding.

Sebastian Hüpper successfully completed his apprenticeship as a technical product designer in 2020.

What was your personal highlight during your apprenticeship?

AMOVA very quickly showed me a high degree of trust and enabled me to take on responsible tasks early on. It is a great feeling when I see how projects get underway and I know that I am jointly responsible for their success. If something doesn't go so well, my experienced colleagues are always there to help, understand and provide valuable feedback. This helps me to learn something new and motivates me to face new challenges. One simply feels well prepared for what is yet to come, whether it is the final exam or getting started in my job.

What further vocational training opportunities do you have after your apprenticeship?

For example, one of my colleagues has taken up a part-time course of study. For me, the further training to become a certified technician will probably be more appropriate. According to the experience of my colleagues, this works well alongside the job, as AMOVA gives you a certain amount of leeway, especially with regard to working hours. But I will also always be able to count on the professional support of my colleagues, I am sure.