Lukas Loos gets things moving

After completing his dual studies, he is now applying his skills and knowledge as a software developer in the field of automation.

„My decision to do a dual course of studies was absolutely right and AMOVA has supported me greatly!“

Lukas Loos completed a university degree in electrical engineering combined with a vocational training at AMOVA (dual studies) and since then has been working as a software developer and commissioning engineer in the department "Electrics & Automation".

How is the dual study program at AMOVA organized and how did it go on for you after your bachelor's degree?

The dual study program at AMOVA is divided into theoretical and practical phases. Throughout the term I was able to fully concentrate on the university and my lectures. During the semester breaks, I completed the practical phases in the company and learned a lot in the process! While studying for my bachelor's degree, I realized that I would like to continue with the master's degree. My intention behind it was that I wanted to expand my previous skills and deepen my knowledge in the field of automation. AMOVA supported me in this idea and extended my contract by two years. This enabled me to complete my Master's degree while working.

What conclusion do you draw from your experience of dual studies?

Of course, a dual study program always involves a lot of work and stressful phases. But for me it was worth it. I am glad that I was able to work at AMOVA during the practical phases and that I could acquire a lot of practical knowledge in this way. Therefore the start of my career was much easier. The remuneration during my studies was of course also very attractive. With this kind of training I was able to fulfil my career aspirations. In my job I first plan something purely virtually and then build on that step by step. And at the end, when the system is put into operation in the customer's plant, you can see the result of your work with your own eyes. That's always great when you're standing in front of a perfectly functioning system.