When it comes to the fast, secure and careful transfer of your cargo, you need equipment and technology you can rely on at any time and that can be flexibly adapted.


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Transfer trolleys –
The economical link.

AMOVA transfer trolleys can move ULDs individually or in lots and cover long transfer distances economically.

Take advantage of this flexibility and deploy the transfer trolleys at different points, either as part of a lift-&-run system, as a link between ULD high-bay storage system and work station or between two conveying sections. Optionally the transfer trolleys can be provided with various additional functions, for example, a turning function or weighing system.

Hoists –
Take your ULD to the next level!

ULD high-bay storage systems with a high throughput requirement are often designed as a lift-&-run system.

Here reliable and efficient hoists are needed that link the individual levels vertically and so optimally complete the dynamic system.

If the cargo (import/export) is handled on different floors of the building, a hoist ensures efficient material flows and a high degree of flexibility.

Think Green

AMOVA hoists can, if requested, be provided with different functions that even further increase energy efficiency and so reduce operating costs:

  • In ECO mode vehicle movements are dynamically adapted to current throughput requirements.
  • With KERS (kinetic energy recovery system) the energy released when lowering the load can be recovered and re-used.
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Truck docks –
The link between your ULDs and the road.

AMOVA truck docks are the central interface between internal and external logistics.

The entire dock is mounted on rails and fitted with a scissor lift, so it can both be moved sideways and also be easily adapted to the height of the truck. By this means convenient and fast loading and unloading are guaranteed. For conveying the ULD onto the roller deck of the truck dock a cable winch is provided; as required, the dock can also be additionally equipped with a pusher or calibratable weighing machine. On the fully automatic variant ULD recognition is possible and the condition of the goods on delivery and at dispatch can be documented with photographs.

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X-movers –
The flexible all-rounders.

The X-mover is extremely versatile!

Equipped with a multidirectional steering system and a vertically adjustable roller deck, it can be used as a transfer trolley, dolly dock, truck dock or even ETV up to a height of seven metres. Intended for use in compact air cargo terminals, AMOVA’s X-movers also enable flexibility in large terminals. The hybrid drive is designed for operation both in and out of doors.

Work stations –
Ergonomic and clever packing.

When it comes to the fast and secure loading and unloading of air cargo pallets and containers, AMOVA’s ergonomic work stations are the right solution!

An integrated hoisting function makes work easier and faster. Depending on the requirement, the stations are equipped with additional functions, such as turning device, contour checker or weighing machine.

Roller decks –
Move – link – buffer!

AMOVA roller decks form the basis of the conveying system and guarantee secure and careful transport of the ULDs.

Regardless of whether you choose the powered or manual variant. Inside the high-bay ULD storage system special roller decks moved by a friction drive (friction driven roller deck) coupled to the ETV go into action.

Dolly docks –
The gateway to the skies.

AMOVA dolly docks receive ULDs unloaded from or to be loaded onto aircraft.

To enable a careful transfer from or to the airfield transport trolleys, they are height-adjustable. Dolly docks are available in various versions – as a manual or powered roller deck and with or without turning function, as required.