Optimize your logistics and use available space more efficiently with our flexible storage concepts. AMOVA offers you everything you need for the safe storage of even sensitive goods.


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Cooling technology –
Perishables are protected to perfection.

For the handling of temperature-sensitive goods – such as pharmaceutical products, flowers or food – reliable cooling is extremely important.

AMOVA can supply suitable solutions to the most varied problems: provision and monitoring of the power supply in containers with air conditioning unit, creation of specific temperature zones in storage and work areas or individually controlled cold cells. We provide a seamless cold chain that we not only monitor all the way through but, if requested, would also be pleased to document.

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Elevating transfer vehicles –
Open up the third dimension in the storage area!

AMOVA’s elevating transfer vehicles put ULDs into store and take them out again.

They are equipped with a lifting gear with a conveyor roller deck. The elevating transfer vehicle moves the ULDs both horizontally and vertically at the same time. The result is faster transfer into and out of store as well as ULD handling in conformity to IATA requirements.

We offer two versions: single-rail units with overhead guide-rail integrated into the storage system’s steelwork and two-rail units set up independently of the rack structure. One advantage of two-rail units is their low wheel loads, since the vertical load is spread between four rather than two wheels.

The ETV has different operating modes. As well as a fully automatic mode, a semi-automatic mode or completely manual mode is possible; naturally a special maintenance mode is also provided for.

Think Green!

AMOVA elevating transfer vehicles can, if requested, be provided with different functions that even further increase energy efficiency and so reduce operating costs:

  • In ECO mode vehicle movements are dynamically adapted to current throughput requirements.
  • With KERS (kinetic energy recovery system) the energy released when lowering the load can be recovered and re-used.
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High-bay stores for ULDs –
Offer room for your cargo – either as a silo or integrated into the building.

Optimise your logistics and use available space more efficiently with our flexible storage concepts.

Whether a classic elevating transfer vehicle or a lift-&-run system for high throughput is used, AMOVA high-bay storage systems impress by their unbeatable durability and their versatility. Thanks to variable compartment heights and single- or multi-deep storage compartments they can be individually adapted to your needs – both in silo design with roof and wall cladding or as freestanding rack system.

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Shipment buffers –
Where your cargo awaits the next stage.

For the intermediate storage of cargo in the shipment buffer before or after despatch we offer flexible solutions.

From the manually operated storage system (usually bay storage system) through to the fully automated high-bay storage system with linked conveying equipment. The cargo items included in the air waybill (AWB) can be placed together on in-house pallets and inspected direct with X-ray equipment. This optimises procedures and processes and reduces the need for storage space.

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