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Our experts in the field of automation develop for your projects individual solutions that ensure safety, security and quality.


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Video monitoring (CCTV) –
Provides safety and security and ensures quality.

Video monitoring (CCTV) throughout enables all the work processes to be optimally tracked and also documented for quality assurance.

Our standard includes integrated CCTV systems for setting up at all the most important positions in the terminal. Video picture and system visualisation together enable comprehensive information capture and diagnosis both in- and outside the system.

Warehouse management system –
UniWare – Ready to start.

In UniWare AMOVA offers a modular warehouse management system with directly functionable modules for all the standard processes at an air cargo hub.

All project-specific adaptations and extensions (customisations) are done on this basis. The system features ready-to-use interfaces to common cargo host systems like Champ, Hermes or UniSys.

UniWare offers in its modular and freely configurable structure need-based solutions for all the processes required in the cargo terminal, such as yard management, warehouse management or the ramp & transport service. All processes are designed to enable changes in general conditions (dynamic flight plan change, break-down after deadline) to be suitably responded to at any time.

UniWare is an integrated system. It combines warehouse management, material flow computer, system visualisation and control technology into a unit.

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System visualisation –
Everything in view – from the general to the particular.

With AMOVA system visualisation you can keep track of your cargo stream and have it under control at all times.

The zoom function enables areas of the overall view to be magnified so much that e.g. faults can be looked at more closely and rectified faster.

Visualisation provides precise information on fault details, such as limit switch occupancy. This enables the required measures, such as taking spare parts along to the site, to be taken without visiting the fault site beforehand. That saves the employee e.g. having to climb onto the elevating transfer vehicle.

AMOVA system visualisation saves time and money, increases system availability and helps you deal with your cargo on time.

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System operation –
Intuitive and mobile.

AMOVA systems are easy to operate. Easy-view control screens with very little text but with symbols instead.

Displays and control elements are conveniently positioned where the operator needs them. The use of mobile terminal devices increases efficiency still further. The maintainer receives the fault signal on his smartphone direct. The operator can chase up a missing consignment via a tablet PC. The works manager can also enquire the current status of the system from home.

Process automation –
We make it easy.

Automation of our systems is one of AMOVA’s core expertises.

The heart of the matter is Siemens PLC control systems and high-quality sensors, coupled with reliable industrial bus systems. Thanks to its many years of experience in this market AMOVA has at its disposal a large choice of standard modules. That makes our automation solutions economical and reliable.

Naturally, system availability has the highest priority. The cargo has to get to its destination! Accordingly, right at the concept stage rules are observed for the required redundancy and means of manual intervention provided for.

Systems in which automated and manual system sections merge into one other present a special challenge for safety technology. AMOVA has a lot of expertise in this area and works out the most economical concept possible based on regional requirements.

Other highlights of AMOVA automation are automatic barcode recognition, ULD number recognition using a camera system, or precise automatic volume recognition, which, in conjunction with an automatic weighing system, make accounting processes considerably easier.

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