Hüseyin Solum gets things moving

He develops intelligent software for the control of our machines and systems and supervises his projects up to the final commissioning at customers all over the world.

„It fascinates and motivates me that the software we develop controls huge plants worldwide.“

Hüseyin Solum has been working as a software developer in the field of intelligent warehouse management systems and process automation since 2011. He manages projects and is responsible for national and international start-ups.

What does working at AMOVA mean to you?

AMOVA gives me a lot of freedom in organizing my work and actively responds to my suggestions. I particularly like the fact that the company is future-oriented and that we use state-of-the-art technologies. When I present ideas that have a good perspective, I always receive full support from AMOVA, which motivates me a lot. The projects I work on are extremely varied: first we develop and test software in-house, then it is put into operation at the customer's site. This is often associated with stays abroad, where you experience a lot of new things and get to know interesting people and foreign cultures.

How do you feel about the working atmosphere in the team?

In our team, cooperation, exchange of information and mutual support are very important. We have an honest, respectful and friendly relationship. Even when I am abroad during the start-up of a plant and need help at short notice, I can count on our team. I simply enjoy it very much to work with my colleagues. And my supervisor gives me a lot of freedom and a high degree of trust. In addition to the positive working atmosphere, I also like the creative and innovative work culture that is lived in our company.