Anita Hölscher-Sträßer gets things moving

AMOVA gives me the opportunity to perfectly combine work and family life.

„Thanks to an individual working time model, I can manage both: my job and my family.“

Anita Hölscher-Sträßer has been working for AMOVA since 2002. First as a technical draftswoman, now as a part-time design engineer.

How do you manage to pursue a career and meet the needs of your family at the same time?

AMOVA generally supports the idea that work and family life can be well combined. For me personally this works best with a flexitime model. This allows me to organize my work in a way that suits me best. In addition, my employer gives me some leeway in terms of my weekly hours. And my colleagues and superiors also support me with a great deal of understanding and helpfulness. This is how I even managed to complete a four-year further training course alongside my job and family to become a certified technician!

Can you give us a brief insight into your job?

My work focuses on the detailed design of products and components from which machines or plants are then manufactured. In the design phase, teamwork and communication skills play a particularly important role. I am in regular contact with colleagues from various technical areas, such as the statics and electrical departments, in order to obtain all the information I need for my PC-based design work. This enables me to create numerous drawings and parts lists, on the basis of which the assemblies and machines are finally manufactured. I think it is great that my work is very diversified, since the products always vary according to customer requirements. It never gets boring!